What is the reader comprencionUnderstanding is a mental creation process by which, based on data from a certain sender, the receiver creates an image of the message you want to transmit. This requires giving meaning to the data we receive. When we use the term "data" we mean any information that can be used to gain insight into a message. Data can be of different types: words, concepts, relationships, implications, formats, structures can be linguistic, cultural, social, etc..The process of understanding, contrary to what is commonly believed, is not a passive process. On the contrary, is a process which requires much from the receptor activity or expression process. Basically, we could say that the process of understanding is to isolate, identify and attach a consistent external data with available data. The process of understanding itself, is the same in all cases but vary the means and the data will be used to carry it out. An example will help us understand this idea: when a mime makes a representation we can understand the message we want to convey but do not use words, when we read a letter we can understand but do not see the facial expression of the sender, when a friend describes his vacation spot we can imagine but we have not ever seen ...It is clear that although the work we have to do to understand each situation is the same, the difference will lie in the media and we have to manipulate data to reach it.It is important to emphasize the need for the human being to understand and therefore to have a hypothesis about any event. For any message or perform a performance situation, the most adequate and relevant as possible to the data available at that time. This does not mean "correct" but it is enough to satiate our need to interpret the reality around us. It is inevitable and impossible not to make interpretations. Everything is interpreted, although the interpretations are constantly changing and completed. The process of creating interpretations is often unconscious but sometimes it can be controlled consciously. The need for conscious processing is greater when we learn a second language as some of the processes that we do in our first language are canceled when we must carry out in the second.