Song of porcupine

Song of porcupine  When he threw the rabbit scream, all students turned their heads. The rabbit ear was bleeding. This has been, the rabbit said, pointing to the porcupine. It was with bad intension. Moaned the porcupine, trying vainly to hide the spikes.  The teacher, a very old parrot green thought in sending a report to the ministry of education protesting against the admission of pupils subnormal in mainstream schools: The porcupine spent the day link to others with their pins. The porcupine in turn was mystified. At home everyone had spikes and everyone pricked; to the had not taught to behave differently. Mrs. purcoespin possessed a very sharp individual defenses and your maridose rapides unfolded with astounding. It had many sympathies in the neighborhood, but the little porcupine would have liked to be liked among fellow colegio.Todos efforts were useless, the custom to crawl was an instinct that is always ahead of their good intentions. One day the porcupine quills are short with the scissors. His classmates were laughing him and his parents received him with a sovereign PALIZ. It was expected that what he had no choice, therefore said: -I are going to pay all together, from now on I will dedicate to annoy everyone, and took refuge in the hole to wait for the spikes will grow.

Songs to appear at a porcupine

Couplets to pity a porcupine Couplets to pity a porcupine Porcupine Oh mama, oh porcupine potato You are to blame for everything that happens to me It seems that most normal people of the country Comes into the world without spikes and is more than happy In the forest school when they are next to me Cry the green lizard, the bird screams gray.

The rabbit you saw, so subtle cotton It hurt, when I gave my shadow. THE MASTER I TELL THAT IF I AM SO IT IS BECAUSE I DO AT SCHOOL, AT HOME WHAT I LEARNED.

I got pins, pins dressed And I'm from pinpricks from chiquilitin.

I wanted to be like everyone else and a good day COJI The Fall pruning shears the garden I cut my arms and I saw myself in the mirror  The beating hurt me more than my suit mane.

 And now I wait and wait, my revenge at last.  When crescan my picks and discuss I.Deshacer cambios